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A meaning of a car body and body parts of car

A car enthusiast can be sure that the motor, transmission or brakes are the most essential components of an automobile. But the car body – the component where all the other components and systems are installed and fixed – still remains the main framework of a vehicle. That is car body that actually locates the driver and passengers inside itself, the cargo is also placed in it. Only undamaged nonfaulty encasement does protect people and luggage from the outer affection.

Exterior is not the least thing to care about. A new automobile attracts attention with flawless lines and curves and shiny body surface. In case the driver is accurate and treats the car well, an automobile will look gentlemanly and create an overall positive impression about its owner.


Yet, dents, scratches, overhang doors give a clear sign to other traffic participants. They evidence the negligence, carelessness and even danger the driver of a damaged automobile carries. That is an important reason to take care about your means of transportation, updating its components whenever necessary.

The main auto body parts are the following:

● a boot lid and a hood;

● front and rear splashers;

● body sills;

● front and rear bumpers and protective accesories to them;

● doors, including locks and door handles.

Additionally, the bodyparts include optics covers, mudguards, spoilers, protective elements for gearbox and motor.


Why do you need the parts of a car body?

Drivers buy car body parts for two different purposes:

● to repair or change a part of car;

● to perform his automobile tuning.

When refurbishment is impossible, a new component is purchased. The most common reasons for changing a definite bodypart are following:

● essential damage because of a road traffic accident or vandalism;

● worn-out state of the body because of longtime exploitation;

● high-speed driving on an uneven road surface;

● incorrect treatment of a vehicle;

● unprofessional repair works.

An experienced auto mechanic and high-quality auto body parts will turn everything on its rails. It is more reliable decision to buy original or licensed bodyparts. A compromise low-cost option is the choice of original components that were in use previously but still conform technical and visual requirements.

Tuning gives an opportunity to improve aerodynamics and controllability of an automobile, to amend its outside appearance and interior. Various ground effects, wheel arches, spoilers made of lightweight and rigid materials are used for these purposes.

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