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Engine Parts

The car engine parts require regular maintenance to ensure your car is running in a proper way. It is not easy to inspect all of them to specify the right moment for replacement so that the failure of one item will not cause issues with the whole unit. There is a maintenance schedule provided in the manual coming with your car. Anyway, when there is a need for quality and affordable spare parts, go to boodmo - India's largest online marketplace for car spare parts.


About car engine parts

There are parts which almost do not show the signs of failure until they fail. But if the engine comes out of order, the car will stop and need repair. That is why you should be aware of the condition of such parts like brake pads, bearings, timing belt kits, rings, pistons, valves, and others. The engine parts list is long. When a motor has accumulated tons of miles, its components will definitely be worn out. They can be damaged as a result of rough driving habits.

When you start looking for the problems in your engine, you should identify it to find the items corresponding to the auto mode. The VIN number will be of help. It is usually specified in the car registration or at the base of the windshield on the driver's side. Knowing the engine, you can start looking for its corresponding spare parts to replace the damaged items.

When should car engine parts be replaced?

The engine parts will last depending on their functions. Some of them will run for 30 000 miles. The others will require replacement only in 90 000 miles of mileage. Under the perfect usage environment, the operating time can be longer but it is much easier to start considering the condition of your engine since your car has run 30 thousand miles. Of course, the modern automobiles of the premium class are much more reliable. Still, it is important to inspect your engine system if:

  • You hear a strange noise which can appear due to a loose mount supporting the engine.
  • You observe a constant low oil pressure caused by the damaged bearings.
  • You view the low power, increased fuel consumption, sludge formation, oil dilution indicating the problems with pistons and rings.
  • It is hard to start and the vehicle runs poorly, which can be a result of issues with the cam drive and timing chain. 
  • There is a limited potential of the motor and low compression which can be caused by weak valve springs and valve float.

Our advantages

The boodmo - India's largest online marketplace for car spare parts being an advertising platform helps customers and suppliers in engine car parts sales and communication. This is the largest and the most advanced online platform for this purpose in India full of options improving the user experience and protecting transactions from being interfered by any third parties. We can confidently guarantee that the customers using our platform will benefit from:

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We can offer a lot of other options and favorable terms to make online shopping even more pleasant and efficient for our dear users including parts suppliers and automobile owners. If you are looking for engine parts in the boodmo’s unmatched catalogue with the widest range of car spare parts, do not forget that we offer several ways to narrow the search by applying the identification information about the part or the car requiring replacement. If you do not know the VIN or ID of a motor, you can just scroll down the corresponding category of the goods and find exactly what you want.