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Clutch System Parts

The clutch system parts are the flywheel, clutch and pressure plates. When one of the kit is broken, there is no connection between the transmission and motor and that means that a driver will not make a move or if there are some minor issues it will not be able to move properly. Anyway, if you manage to continue driving, you will cause damage to other components including the gear. It is clear that you should replace a damaged item and you can buy the replacement in boodmo - India's largest online marketplace for car spare parts at an affordable price.


About clutch system parts

The key function of the clutch is to transmit engine power to the transmission through the gear box. Thus, the required power reaches the wheels and makes the car ride. When you release the clutch pedal, an auto starts moving under power with the involved clutch. The motor sends the power to the flywheel making it spin which spins the clutch plate and that spins the driven shaft in its turn. This way the wheels get the kick start and begin spinning too. If you press the clutch pedal, you release the clutch plate from the flywheel disconnecting the gearbox from the motor and that leads to smooth slowdown. If every stage of this process is performed correctly, driving is possible without stalling and other confusing reactions.

All three parts of the clutch take part in this process being pressed together providing the required connection of the transmission and engine. You just cannot do without this unit in the construction because the engine spins all the time, while the transmission does not. Having a worn out or broken clutch, car cannot move because the transmission will not be engaged in driving and stay motionless.

When should clutch system parts be replaced?

Mostly the clutches are made to continue about 60 000 miles. This is an average performance. There are cars equipped with the clutches which are designed to serve over 100 000 miles, which is not common. The experts highly recommend against driving with a damaged clutch, because it is dangerous and causes much more severe damages in the vehicle. There are some signs to understand that there can be issues with your clutch system:

  1. The gear is shifted wit difficulty;
  2. There is a squeaking noise when you press the clutch pedal. 
  3. There is vibration when you lose the clutch pedal.
  4. The clutch is slipping with further loss of acceleration. 
  5. The burning smell appears.

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