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Buy online electronic components for cars in India

The electrics of a car are its handling, safety, control over the functioning of all major systems, as well as small pleasant things that make using the car especially comfortable.

Before buying the necessary part, you should make sure that it is exactly what is needed to eliminate the problem and find out how it works and what its work consists of.

First - power sources: a battery and an electric generator; mechanisms that carry out the start and further movement: a starter, a high-voltage coil, a spark distributor, electric candles, a mechanical, or electronic control unit for the formation of this spark and control of all this in the form of switches on the driver's panel.

The secondary elements include lighting that is present in any car. It can be divided into the following components:

  • main headlights (high and low beam);
  • parking lights;
  • turn signals and brake lights;
  • fog lights;
  • various interior and exterior lighting.

The control of these lighting parts of the car is carried out from the dashboard located at the driver's side through the switches. It should also be mentioned the horn or, more simply, about the sound signal that is available in every car.

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Electronic Components car parts

The most popular are:

  • Universal Fanfare Horn;
  • Universal Black Pearl Fanfare Horn;
  • Lock Kit with 2 keys;
  • Steering Ignition Lock;
  • Universal Compact Horn and others.

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