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Exhaust System Parts

Automobile exhaust system includes an exhaust manifold, car exhaust silencer and a catalytic converter. The latter one is uncommon for old car models, it is installed mostly on the modern automobiles. The system realizes the transportation of high-temperature toxic polluting gases out of the entire vehicle, and also reduces the level of noise inside an automobile and the waste gas concentration. Eventually, the environment is polluted much less and an automobile, in its turn, produces less clatter in the process of movement.

How does an exhaust sy​stem work?

After the fuel-air mixture gets burnt all the poisonous gases left or produced get gathered in the collector. The system transports all the elements left after burning to this part of the construction under high pressure. Then all the poisonous compounds are transported from the collector to the receiver pipe.

There is extremely high temperature in this part of exhaust system. It can reach up to one thousand degrees centigrade. Then the gases get directly to the catalyzator through the goffer of the receiver pipe. In this area of the system poisonous compounds that left mostly burn down and the toxic level of exhaust gas gets reduced. In some models of cars the catalyzator essentially reduces the level of engine noise in addition to the resonator. After gas-like products of burning pass the catalyzator and resonator they get inside the automobile silencer which additionally reduces the noise produced and finally lets the rests of burnt compounds out of the automobile’s body.

How to notice foul-ups in the exhaust system?

The following symptoms can help you find out that your car has some problems with its exhaust system:

● The movement of gases out of the silencer for car comes with unusually loud noise.

● The engine noticeably loses its power. For example, you can figure it out of worsening force and losing part of acceleration.

● The engine works in an unstable manner and you can notice the jumps of rotations-per-minute value at idle.

● You can notice a strong smell of car exhaust parts inside the car.

● The details inside the construction get covered with carbon black.

In case you notice at least one symptom out of the list we recommend you immediately apply to the car service station. There is no point in dragging the problem on and wait the car to cure itself, otherwise the damage will spread incrementally and engine repair works will cost much more.

Mechanical damages and components rusting are the most widely spread reasons for exhaust system malfunction.

Where to buy spare parts for exhaust system?

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