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Maintenance Service Parts

About car maintenance parts

There are regular maintenance parts like oil and air filters, headlights, drive belts, brake pads, wheel speed, humidity and temperature sensors, joints, and others. They may last longer, though, of course, the result depends on driving habits and environment conditions.

It is vital to take preventative measures with maintenance to avoid paying to the mechanics. If you inspect a car regularly, it will run in a smooth and safe manner longer. Thus you should look through an owner’s manual for your car covering all its components and suggested maintenance schedule. It will tell you how often you should change fluids or replace parts.

When should car maintenance part be replaced?

The car makers usually determine the time when maintenance should be performed. The timing difference is associated with mileage. Some maintenance service part should be replaced already after 30 000 miles. The others will last until the car runs 90 000 miles. Anyway, when getting every service, you should take care of:

  • engine oil and other fluids which should not look muddy and dark;
  • battery which provides a car with power making it run smoothly;
  • tires which should have enough air inside and do not go too low;
  • filters, including the air and cabin ones protecting an engine and cabin from dirt and various contaminants;
  • belts which may lose tension, crack or fray and other parts.

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